Dominick John Bettas


On Friday, July 28, Dominick John Bettas, 75, passed away peacefully in Kemmerer, with his beloved wife, Kathy Bettas, and eldest son, Bill Bettas, by his side. His youngest son, Rick, passed away in 1991.

His parents, Dominick Bettas and Francis Krusich Bettas, were of Italian and Yugoslavian descent.

He is survived by two younger sisters, Barbara Bettas Warner, who resides in Salt Lake City; and youngest sister, Mary Ann Bettas Steck, who resides in San Francisco.

He is a graduate of Kemmerer High School and the University of Wyoming, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Botany. After graduating from UW, he worked briefly with the Wyoming Highway Department in Cheyenne but quickly moved back to Kemmerer, where he began a long and distinguished career in the coal mining industry.

He was appointed by Republican and Democrat governors to multiple government positions. For more than 30 years he cultivated trusted relationships with virtually all members of the Wyoming State Legislature, and several United States senators.

His philanthropic generosity sparked the origin of the Oyster Ridge Music Festival. He gave generously to St. Patrick’s Church in Kemmerer, as well the Catholic school in Cheyenne.

He was an honorable, classy, influential, humble figure, who believed success is achieved by being on time and prepared. He was a natural mentor. His hobbies included hunting, fishing, cutting firewood, golf, fine wine and a good steak, cooked rare.

He was fiercely loyal to his wife, children and close friends. He was a pillar of not only the community of Kemmerer, but the entire, great state of Wyoming.

A rosary service will be held for him at 1 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 11, at St. Patrick’s Church, followed by a traditional Catholic mass.