Rangers win 2A Spring Conference Tournament in Wright

The future looks bright for the Kemmerer High School boys’ golf team, who won the 2A Spring Conference Tournament earlier this month at the Hay Creek Golf Course in Wright.

“It felt great,” said KHS head coach Jonathan Willoughby. “To continue the success the program has had the last few years and repeat as champions is a huge accomplishment. We battled some tough conditions on Friday with 35-40 mph winds, and to be able to manage that and then come in Saturday and have all five golfers put together a solid round was phenomenal.” 

Carter Wood finished sixth overall to lead the team, followed by Austin Christen in seventh. Blake Wood finished eighth, while Tate Pollard finished in the Top 15 and Connor Dietrich finished in the Top 20.

For the girls, Kaylee Miller finished Top 15, while Sable Abeyta finished Top 20.

“We also compete with Thermopolis, Lusk and Glenrock for Cowboy Conference Awards,” Willoughby said. “Carter Wood was third, Austin Christen fourth, Blake Wood fifth, Tate Pollard seventh and Connor Dietrich 10th. Our girls did well too, with Kaylee Miller finishing first and Sable Abeyta fourth in the Cowboy Conference.”

Asked his takeaways from the season, Willoughby said he was impressed with the hard work and tenacity of his golfers, especially in the face of less-than-favorable conditions nearly every weekend.

“Our kids are tough, hard-working and don’t quit,” he said. “They definitely showed that Ranger grit. The kids had to deal with, at times, brutal conditions, and to find the success they were able to find was just exceptional. We have a lot of talent on this golf team, and the sky’s the limit for our program. We are losing Blake Wood, who is extremely talented, and also Sable Abeyta, who keeps the kids positive with her bright personality. But we have young kids that have the potential to rise up and do some special things, not only next season, but for the foreseeable future.”


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