Kemmerer girls ‘Run Strong’

Haddy Plowman celebrates after competing in a 5K run held recently in Kemmerer. (COURTESY PHOTO)

KEMMERER — A group of young ladies signed up through the Kemmerer Recreation Center to train weekly and build their skills for a 5K race, held on Monday, May 23.

The Run Strong program was started in 2019 by Lexie Scherr. Participants met once a week for an hour and had been doing so since March.

The program started off with a learning activity on topics such as body positivity, nutritional health and strength training. Lessons on running safety are taught, encouraging participants to be aware of common injuries and how prevent them and also to care for their bodies while training. The body of the program is: movement, proper warmup, running and cool down/stretch. All this training culminated with a 5K race.

“This program is about empowering girls to feel good about themselves and to be cheerleaders for other girls. All shapes, sizes, and skill levels are welcomed,” explained Scherr. Scherr pushes them to laugh, cheer, and run at new levels. They find confidence in themselves and each other. “If I am not cheering, I run with them to lead by example,” explained Scherr. “Running doesn’t have to be serious; it involves dancing, laughing, and chatting.”

She said she hopes this program will help the ladies grow up knowing they have strength to achieve whatever they put their minds to and have fun doing It.

The program wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Kemmerer Recreation Department and volunteers including Amy Bowen, Jenee Rudy and Celeste Mori. Officials also thanked Trista Gordon and Lois Hicks from the rec center, Ginny Rogers from Organizing and Beyond, and Caleb Ellis and Casey Scherr from the local fire department for helping at the race. 


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