Cowboy Challenge Academy helps local student get back on graduation track

Kemmerer’s Shawn Nelson leads the pack during physical training at Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in Guernsey. After spending five and a half months there, Nelson is now back on track to graduate high school next year. (COURTESY PHOTO)

KEMMERER — Kemmerer resident Shaun Nelson attended the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy Class 44 in July of 2021. He spent five and a half months in Guernsey, working on high school credits and learning valuable job and life skills.

Nelson chose to attend WCCA because he was behind on his high school credits and needed a way to get help and motivation in making up these classes. When he graduated from the WCCA, he had made up his credits and is back on track to graduate with his high school diploma in 2023.

Nelson, a soon-to-be senior in high school, recently graduated with his Emergency Medical Technician Certification from South Lincoln Medical Center. He began the training classes this March and went three times a week doing class room work, ridealongs and clinicals. He will take the National test this month to become a fully-certified EMT.

He credits the WCCA for teaching him good leadership standards so that in any situation he can work better with others.

“I’m able to work around those who are younger or older than I am or if they have personalities that are good or bad,” Nelson said. “At WCCA I learned how to work together and give everyone a chance,” said Shaun Nelson.

Nelson’s mother, Shannon Nelson, said, “The Academy changed his attitude. It made him believe he can be more than what he was before attending.” She supports the WCCA and encourages other to attend. “The academy is absolutely amazing,” she said. “I have never been more proud of him.”

Once Nelson graduates from high school, he is planning to enlist in the Army and become a combat medic. He would like to work as a medic and do trauma surgery long term. He said attending WCCA helped him make the choice to join the military. “It really showed me that if I put my mind to something, I can get it done,” he said.

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